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Our outbound dialling uses a patient pending algorithm along with market leading answer machine detection giving you an increase in your productivity. Managing agents behaviour has never been easier with our burns and exceptions and prioritising your data is easy with our unique prioritisation.

Our True Predictive Algorithm

Most other diallers are based on an open source piece of software called Vicidial meaning they all perform the same, they just have a different look and feel. Our developers have created a unique pattern pending algorithm that ensures a 30-40% increase in agent productivity against any other Vicidial dialler. We truly predict when your agents will become free and dial ahead of time while ensuring dropped calls are kept to a minimum and your business compliant.

Answer Machine Detection

Our AMD has been tested at 93% meaning your agents will receive less giving them more time for positive calls. An average agent with our system only receives 30 answer machines each day, can you say the same about yours?

Burns and Exceptions

Our unique burns and exceptions feature tracks agent and identifies possible misbehaviours. If a not interested call is ended too early or an answer machine goes on for ages it is flagged as an exception.

Prioritise Data

Whatever your requirements our system can be configures to meet them. Our priority setting allows you to easily control where your data is pulled from and our list manager allows the easy move of data based on any information you collect.

Dial Data your way

Our system allows you to choose from predictive, progressive and preview campaigns. We can even create campaigns with a mix of the 2 meaning your New leads would always have an agent available on preview.