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Other Features

In 2017 alone we have added tons of new features making contact centres more producing, including List Manager, Call Back Manager, Advanced Scripting, Recording Archive and comprehensive auditing. Can you say the same about your current provider. We are always looking to push the boundary’s with our system and our road map for the next 6 months is full of more industry firsts.

Coaching, Monitoring

Coaching, Monitoring and Recordings let you listen to any agent either real time or after the event from anywhere in the world. The coaching function gives you the agents ear, allowing you to prompt and train even while the customer is still on the line, don’t worry they won’t hear you. The advanced search functionality in Recordings means you will always find those important calls. Add notes and ratings to a specific section of a call you your QA team to check.

List Manager

Our list manager allows you to manage your data more effectively. Moving data from one list to another based on any criteria you choose, even information collected in our scripting gives you more flexibility to target specific data sets. Our user friendly interface builds the SQL statements for you avoiding any back logs within your IT team.

Callback Manager

With Callback manager you can manage all aspects of your agents callback’s making it easy to find, delete, reassign, postpone and make any callback public. The callback manager dash boards shows you exactly how many callbacks are due, overdue and upcoming. We even break down the number of callbacks due by the hour. Never miss a callback again.

Advanced Scripting

The dynamic scripting lets you take control of any call allowing you script branching and information collection. Our rules can automate tasks such as stopping a recording for taking payment, doing calculations, updating fields and sending SMS & Emails using our marketing tools. Integrated telephone controls makes for easy agent training.

Recording Archive

Cloud storage is expensive but we keep your recordings for 2 months for free. After this time you can use our Recording Archive to move recordings seamlessly to your own hardware or another cloud provider of your choice.

Comprehensive Auditing

Any changes to the configuration of the system are audited. You can see exactly why the system performance has changed and who made the critical change weather that be good or bad.