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Our B Spoke Contact system is packed full of features allowing inbound calls to be handled and routed exactly as you need them. The customer journey is improved with our Queue Beater and calls are always routed to the nest agent for the job using our Skilled Based Routing.

Inbound Calling

Whether you are blending your inbound calls with your outbound campaign or you have a dedicated team we have all the features to give your agents and more importantly you’re the customers the best possible journey.

Queue Beater

Our unique Queue Beater allows your customers to create a call back that takes their place in the queue. No one likes to be kept waiting.

Skilled Based Routing

Our agent skills system allow calls to be routed to the most appropriate agent. Whether it’s a linguist, top sales person or a person dedicated to inbound our skilled based routing will achieve all your objectives

Custom Queues

Create queues exactly as you want them. Our dynamic overflow allows for complex inbound strategies while minimising agent dead time.

Simple Deployment

All our inbound IVR elements have been designed by technical professionals to be used by anyone. A simple training session will give any member of staff the knowledge they to set up and deploy your inbound strategy.